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We’re on our mission to enable our clients to have a strong competitive edge in the food industry through our holistic approach to innovative product development.

The Things We Do…. To Help You!

Product Development

We turn your idea into
actual products.

Ingredient Cost Reduction

FUBIZO could help you
reduce the cost of your current product by replacing ingredients or helping your source for the same quality but lower-priced ingredients


FUBIZO helps clients focus on who they truly are and help manifest this in the products, sales pitch, and all marketing efforts. We train your salesman to become refined and ensure they can confidently handle
customer enquiries, design your product catalogue, packaging and a variety of marketing materials.

Scale Up/ Manufacturing Setup

If you already have your
product and looking to scale up, we could help! We could also, make your manufacturing more
efficient and reduce the cost of production.


FUBIZO could help you reformulate your product to meet regulatory compliance and market trends. We make your product more natural, healthier (reduced sugar, salt, calories), compliant for certification by internationally recognized bodies, avoid certain taxes such as sugar taxes and ensure claims made on the label are proper and approved.

Co-Packer/ Contract Manufacturer/ Ingredient Sourcing

With our vast portfolio of ingredient suppliers
and co-manufacturers from all over the world, we are able to assist you to source for the best ingredients and manufacturers to ensure you and your consumers get only the best!

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We're Here To Help Ideate, Develop, Launch!

FUBIZO (Food Business Solutions) specializes in product development; from ideation all the way to commercialization for small- to medium, all the way to multinational businesses. You may be someone with just an idea or recipe or a small company with a few products already in the market. We help with development, cost analysis, process setup, flavor development, ingredient innovation, formulation, and establishing connections between distributors, co-manufacturers, and suppliers. We will work with you even if all you have is a crazy idea and at any stage of the development process; be it ideation, prototyping, manufacturing, or even refreshing an already established brand.



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Competative Advantage




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meet our expert team

We understand the importance of launching a successful product, therefore we have the experience and knowledge to get you to the pinnacle!


Alvin Andrew

Founder & Principal Product Development Scientist
Alvin Andrew is an extremely strategic consumer centric product developer and his main passion lies in creating valuable product that are affordable, natural and tasty. He has worked with snacks, multiple type of beverages, dairy products, sauces and curries for small companies, Fortune 100 companies in USA and has helped companies grow to be in the Inc. 5000 list. He has worked in New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis and his hometown, Penang Malaysia. Alvin graduated with his BSc and MSc in Food Science from University of Minnesota- one of the world’s leading universities for food science.


Executive Chef
Chef Aravin is one of Malaysia’s most respected chefs. He has worked for several top hotels and resorts such as the Genting group, Taiping Golf Resort and has been written recipes on magazines. He is also a TV celebrity chef for Baba’s & U Gama Gama and Baba’s 1001 Rasa show. He has also competed and won several international culinary competition awards such as Philippines Culinary Cup, Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge and Battle of the Chef. His focus at FUBIZO is to ensure all products developed taste great!



Mr. Michael Jordan is an accomplished business executive, with over 45 years of experience in a variety of profit, non-profit and governmental enterprises. His specific area of expertise is in Marketing. For example, he has coordinated marketing activities for a major business unit of Honeywell, Inc. and the Harlem Globetrotters. He has also taught the subject of Marketing at several universities in metropolitan Minneapolis, MN. He received his formal business education at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.



Darma is food lover with a passion to make tasty, healthy food convenient in daily life. He started of from aircraft engineering and then moved into sports event and marketing for various multinational clients such as Toyota and Allianz. He currently serves to lead FUBIZO’s promotional, sales and marketing events. He truly understands what the market needs and advices on product development.

Carl Gennaro


For the last 5 years Carl has worked in operations planning and engineering roles within both midsize organizations and Fortune 100 companies including Walmart Inc. and John Deere. His focus has been in analyzing and improving distribution center operations. He has served in roles performing inventory management, materials purchasing, and technical supply chain analysis. As a Supply Manager, he oversaw recruitment, hiring, and training of 2 Inventory Analysts and maintained production capacity forecast models used for manpower planning.


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We have all heard phrases like “innovate or die”, “if you don’t change with time, you’ll be left behind” and many more that basically yells out for companies t ...

Are New Product Developments Necessary? – Increasing Success Rates of New Products

We have all heard phrases like “innovate or die”, “if you don’t change with time, you’ll be left behind” and many more that basically yells out for companies t ...

Your Investment

Pre-Project Planning


  • Session 1: We would love to listen to your idea, let’s discuss!
  • Session 2: We will share our plan on how we are going to make your idea a reality.
  • NO STRINGS ATTACHED! No worries even if you don’t sign up with us!

Product Development

$USD 4750

  • 4 Flavors with 5 Revisions for Each Flavor
  • You will receive the prototype within 3 weeks!
  • ALL Product Recipes and Preparations Steps will be Given to Client

Production/ Manufacturing Scale-Up

$USD 4950

  • All Recipes/ Formulations and Preparation Steps with SOPs will be given to client
  • On-the-floor training could be conducted for Production Employees


$USD 3000

  • Packaging Design for 4 Flavors
  • 2 Poster Design
  • 1 Carton Design
  • 1 Catalogue Design

Disclaimer: The above only shows a rough estimate of what a project typically costs. Actual project timeline, milestone, and payment may change based on project complexity and specific requirement by the client.

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