KariKit: Cook Like a Chef in 25minutes

KariKit: Cook Like a Chef in 25minutes

KariKit, another innovative development by FUBIZO was inspired by our celebrity Executive Chef, Aravinthan.

KariKit was created to focus mainly on the younger generation who are busy working. However, just because they are busy working, it does not mean they need to sacrifice eating good, tasty and healthy food. The result of this thought is KariKit!

KariKit also gives the feeling that people are actually preparing a superior meal instead of the current market offerings.

One box comes with 2 sachets; the wet paste consisting of oil, salt, garlic, ginger, chili, tomatoes and the dry powder sachet consisting mainly of spices.

All the consumer needs to do is to add water, 2 sachets, meat and/or vegetables and let cook on low heat for 25 minutes. People may even choose to use the rice cooker to cook it. The cleaning after is also effortless.

The flavor and aroma is strong and all natural without MSG and preservatives free. KariKit is available in 6 varieties: fish curry, masala pasta sauce (tomato rice paste), salted egg tandoori chicken marinade, Kim chi sambal for stir fried vegetables, Morrocan sweet and sour meat gravy and Creamy Zaatar Truffle soup. This product is currently exclusively available on Malaysia’s most premium online food store: www.bodyshopee.com

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